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(Sleep, my sweet girl)


An installation piece by Fien Leysen & Manu Siebens

A homeless woman in 2020.

A Jewish woman in 1942.

From a distance they look so much alike.


A homeless woman tries to find shelter from the cold in winter. She seeks refuge in an empty apartment building.

In the walk-in closet, under rotting floorboards, she finds an old journal, written by a Jewish woman who lived there during the second World War. The two time periods and stories slowly collide and become one.

From a distance, it's hard to tell the difference.


A fictitious story about real events and topics.

A story about falling on hard times, poverty, family, loss, love, war and peace, and how similar those things are.

Numi Yaldati (Sleep, my sweet girl) is an impressive installation with a focus on audio. During the audio story (+/- 30 minutes) drawings are projected. All drawings are made by Tom Clement (from Antwerp theater company MartHa!tentatief). Scenographer Manu Siebens (known from his work for Antwerp theater company BERLIN and MartHa!tentatief) and theater maker Fien Leysen (previous performances: That Which Is (Not) Gone and Who We Are) create a theatrical installation. Only 8 people can be seated at a time. With headphones they can listen to the story.

A local volunteer will guide the people to their seats (following the COVID19 measures).



Concept: Manu Siebens en Fien Leysen

Text and audio: Fien Leysen
Staging and scenography: Manu Siebens
Drawings: Tom Clement
Final editing audio: Lucas Derycke

Music: Bert Hornikx

Production: WijdeWereld vzw & ManuFact


With the support of the City of Antwerp.

Numi Yaldati is a coproduction with deSingel and KVS.

In cooperation with MartHa!tentatief and BERLIN.


With endless thanks to: Johan Petit, Bart Van Nuffelen, Bart Baele, Yves Degryse, Marjan Verplancke & Het Hannah Arendt Instituut, Dorien Styven, Frie Van Camp & Amir Haberkorn, Els Theunis, Sara Vertongen, Hanne Vanreusel & AG Vespa, Maud Vanhauwaert, Elisa Schanzer.


"Without giving further details, in 33 minutes Numi Yaldati paints a flawless picture of the social exclusion the two main characters find themselves in. The circumstances differ, the consequences are the same, and in the silences in the text, you can hear the hopelessness in the apartment. There are no actors, and there is no stage, but the way in which Leysen and Siebens bring these two abstract characters to life, is pure theater."


- Ewoud Ceulemans 

(De Morgen 04/02/2021)


“Credit to Leysen for resolutely looking inwards into the anonymous characters in this piece with such integrity. Their fates may be sad, but in this intimate gesture of contour to contour, poetry and hope shine through.

- Gilles Michiels

(De Standaard 04/02/2021)

drie sterren.png
Numi Yaldati_© Koen Broos
Numi Yaldati_© Koen Broos
Numi Yaldati_© Koen Broos
Numi Yaldati_© Koen Broos
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