Writer, theatermaker, videographer, voice-over, storyteller


Fien Leysen (1989) studied Literature and Linguistics at the University of Antwerp, where she got her Master's degree in English. After an extra Masters in Literary Studies, she started a new Drama studies at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp. In 2017 she finished the studies of WordArt/Drama and received her Master's degree there as well.


Fien started in 2008 as YouTube vlogger and taught herself to film and edit. Meanwhile she has over 28 000 subscriptions. Thanks to her collection of Master degrees and the wonderful studies she was able to follow, she has found her own path, both artistically and technically.

She keeps looking for new ways and forms to tell her story, independent of the medium. Because of this, she often combines different ways of storytelling (writing, performance, video, audio, ...)

Her first theater piece 'That Which is (Not) Gone' combines video, performance and text, and has been touring since 2018 in Belgium and the Netherlands. In 2019 Fien worked as Artist in Residence with theater company Het Nieuwstedelijk (Leuven) for a year, where she made her second piece 'Who We Are'. In 2020 she started the creation of the theater installation 'Numi Yaldati', together with scenographer Manu Siebens. Since 2021 the installation can be seen in museums as well as theaters.


Fiens texts balance between the personal and the poetic and attempt to touch a universal theme. In 2021 a few of her poems were first published in Het Liegend Konijn. She sometimes reads from her work or writes columns for newspapers.

A few of her texts/poems can be found on this website.


NUMI YALDATI | Fien leysen & manu siebens 


about Metamorphoses by manuela infante 

* PARty for poetry

reading of own work | poetry



Het gewicht van de wereld 

* 'DE MENING' | 'The OPINIon' de standaard

5 opinion pieces

* opinion piece de standaard

tribute to lydia chagoll

* 'Sprekende Ezels' online editie

and summer in O / Party for poetry

HEt nieuwstedelijk plays "hoe dan ook"

online video-theater during covid19 creation "Concealer", actress in "influencer",
overall final editing and video 

reprise theater performance
“that which is (Not) gone”

* continuation tour “Who we are”


* mentoring students 4 flemish drama-schools / with Freek Mariën / “the greeks” - project KVS and LUCA Drama, royal conservatory Antwerp, RITS Brussel, KASK Gent


 * Acte de présence in True Copy



* assistance interviews

performance "Man in de Mist",
theater company HetNieuwstedelijk


* research for possible new theater piece by HetNieuwstedelijk


* creation videos "De Maandagavond On Tour" by DeNweTijd /theme: love & sex 


* creation text / guest performance
   "De Maandagavond on Tour" / DeNweTijd 

in De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam 24/02/2020


* recording own text for podcast 
DeNweTijd: "De Maandagavond On Tour"


*Theater performance "Wat (NIET) Weg is"/ "That which is (not) gone"


*Artistic employee

theater company BERLIN 

production "remember the dragons"

*Freelance editing & TRAILERS/TEASERS

THEater company berlin

production "True copy"


deNwetijd, hetpaleis

(youth on politics)


*assistant-curator korte golf

oorzaken festival, de brakke grond

*audio story "eb"

broadcast on radio 1, bar du matin

*prose text "eigen woning"/"Home"

broadcast on radio 1, bar du matin

*documentary "stukschrijven"

creation, director, interview, concept, montage

commissioned by hetpaleis

*documentary nic balthazar

"like any other human" and 

"i was a normal person"

production and research

canvas and dechinezen

*creation "geluk en de zoektocht naar betekenis"
/ "Happiness and the search for meaning"

interview with vrt lang advisor ruud hendrickx

children on "happiness" and "happiness seekers"

bachelor piece drama/wordArt

featured on deredactie.be


* Premiere numi yaldati 

theater installation |

fien leysen & manu siebens

coproduction kvs & desingel

* podcast project (in creation)

with adriaan severins

production by slak

climate & transition in shipping

* publication poetry in het liegend konijn

* tour Numi yaldati

* tour wat (niet) weg is

* creation willard (continuation)

* ...


*creation Theater performance

  "Wat (NIET) Weg is" / "That which is (not) Gone"


*Artistic employee

theater company BERLIN 

production "remember the dragons"

*audio story "de geheugenatleet"/"the memory athlete", with rené van es

commissioned by "de nacht van kunst en kennis"/"The night of art and knowledge"

with support of de brakke grond en grenzeloos geluid

*broadcast of "de geheugenatleet"/"the memory athlete" on VPRO, radiodoc