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In Remember The Dragons ... BERLIN immerses you in a sea of stories that seem too absurd to be true. A girl from Morocco is never hungry, feels no pain and hardly needs any sleep. A Danish boy has known since his 4th birthday that he would rather be a girl. A boy of the same age from South Africa made dozens of crop circles with his grandfather. At night, in secret. True or False? And where does that little space man suddenly come from?

Remember The Dragons... is a video-installation for youngsters aged 11 and up. A large table with thirty screens offers place to 30 viewers who love impressive stories. The show is based on BERLIN's success story Perhaps all the dragons..., which has now been performed over 590 times

Remember The Dragons... shows the same stories to the children and adults from different perspectives and sends them back home with a special set of shared memories and a beautiful sparkling moonstone.


Concept: BERLIN (following ‘Perhaps all the Dragons…’)

Creation: Bart Baele, Yves Degryse, Tom Struyf

Research: Fien Leysen

Music: Eric Thielemans

Camera: Geert De Vleesschauwer

Scenography: BERLIN, Manu Siebens

Set: Manu Siebens, Robrecht Ghesquière, Bregt Janssens, Koen Ghesquière

Coproduction: Rotondes [LU], Tweetakt festival [Utrecht, NL]
BERLIN is artiste associé in CENTQUATRE [Parijs, FR] and Creative Associate with deSingel [Antwerpen, BE].

Language: Dutch, Ukranian, German, Spanish, English, Russian, Arabic, Gujarat, French, Croatian, Chinese, Danish, Italian, Hebrew, Romanian

With subtitles.

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                                  - BERLIN

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